Information A-Z

Arrival time
Arrival time is after 15:00h to 18:00h. In any case please contact us if you will arrive later
Barbecue / House Barbecue
Please understand that doing barbecue is not allowed on the balcony or on the Terrace.During July from 18:30h on and August from 18:00h every Wednesday on we do a house barbecue at the grill place. Please bring your food and dishes and fun with you.
Rolls and bread you can find at the bakery at the train Station.
Bed Sheets
Your bed are well prepared for you, in case you stay more then 2 weeks, we open you to change the sheets.
On request we provide bike maps and guides. In addition, the Hochschwarzwald-App offers a lot of nice tours.
Our Biohaus apartments are in the separate house beside the main building.
Please check-out before 9:30h. We kindly ask you to handover the apartment pre-cleaned. Please don´t forget to bring the garbage the Bin House, thank you.
Departure day / Last day
Please return the keys when departing.
Please treat our furnishing in a good way. Please tell us if something broken or not working.
Garbage / Waste
Please support us to reduce garbage respectively to recycle. We separate glas, paper, plastic and normal garbage. The Bin House you find in the old wood house behind the chapel, with the white door.
Guestcard / KONUS Card
In connection with our guest card you have several discounts and usages. The KONUS Card provides local transportation with train and bus free of charge. Please notice in case of taking your bicycle along you need a separate ticket for the bike.
The Hochschwarzwald-Card is now digital. Information about this service you can find on
Tools for housekeeping are partly placed in the apartments or in case of Biohaus and Ökohaus in addition in cleaning cupboards. For the Ökohaus it is opposite to the reception. For Biohaus it is upstairs.
Maps and guides can be provided. Also the Hochschwarzwald-App provides information.
If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us during office hours.
Information Material
We are happy to provide hiking ode biking maps guides. Further material you can find at the reception.
Internet / WLAN / WiFi
In all our apartments WLAN / Wifi is available, Access code and emergenca phone numbers you can on he flyer in your appaertment.
SB Wasch- und Bügelsalon, Schottenbühlstraße 52, 79822 Titisee-Neustadt. Open Mo-Sa from 7:30h-19:00h. You need 8 50 CT coins.
Our Maisonette apartments with terrace are in the extension directed to the lake.
Office hours
Our Reception is open from Mo to Fr. From 17:00h to 19:00h.
The Ökohaus apartments are in the main House, the entrance is over the bridge where the main entrance is.
Please clear you bill 2 days after arrival. We accept cash, EC/Maestro and Mastercard/Visa. Please note that we are not charging credit cards when sued for online booking portals.
Playground Toys
Our playground soccer area is open to our guests please take care about your small children.
Our reception is in the main house you reach us via the white ringer over the main bridge.
Resting hours
For a good relation among each other’s we kindly ask you to respect our resting hours from 13:00h to 15:00 and 22:00h to 08:00h, thank you.
Swimming suits
Laundry and swimming things can be dried on the hanger close to the chapel.
Table soccer
Table tennis and table soccer are in the garage (white door)
We offer you 1 shower towel and 2 for the hands. Usually, we change them after 1 week, in case you need it earlier please contact us.
Actually you have 63 TV-channels and about 60 radio channels available.
Vacuum Cleaner
Ökohaus Appartments can find the Vaccum Cleaner opposite to the Reception. Biohaus apparments find it upstairs inside the left wardrobe.
Please take care that the volume of your TV, Radio or other unit does not exceed room level.